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Carmel’s Sorbetto 4K Sommeliers Review

CARMEL – Sorbetto THC 19.6% CBD 0%

As soon as you crack open the seal on the bag, you are greeted with delicious scents of sweet creamy gas! A candy cream that makes your mouth water! 

THC 19.6% CBD 0% noted on the package along with lineage information. 

Zkittlez x Sunset Sherbert x Magnum Opus 

Packaged Feb 28 2022 – Super fresh and sealed tight in a bag, inside the bag you will find your pre rolls safely packaged into a glass tube with cork lid to preserve the freshness! 


When you smoke this pre roll you will taste the same terpene profile and notice its smooth and not at all harsh. The smoke is beautiful, which pairs perfectly with the gorgeous ash. Carmel’s flower generally smokes as clean as fully organic certified cannabis! 

Aroma & Flavour: Gas, Honey, Cream 

Terpenes: Farnesene, Limonene and Caryophyllene 

The terpene entourage will sneak up on you. You might instantly feel enjoyment and relaxed. Soon to follow you will note Sorbetto is truly an indica as the next thing I knew, I was hanging with my partner both on the sofa. Relaxed with no need to speak. The entourage of the excellent terpene profile most certainly makes you feel a longer lasting full experience high that both the body and mind will feel. Vs High THC only the mind is hit harder and faster. 

Rating this product as 4K Sommelier Approved! 

$22.99 for a pack of Premium Carmel Preroll joints at our shop! 

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