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Get ready to meet 4K Cannabis, the new kid on the block born out of the love of the leaf! With a female-led team at the helm, these peeps are all about spreading epic vibes and great feels. Their mission? To help you find your happy place and make every day a little brighter with their out-of-this-world experience. So, step inside and let their welcoming crew guide you on your journey to The 4K Feeling!

4K Cannabis loves when good weed, happens to good people.

4K Feelin'

Discover the 4K Feelin' and why shopping with us is a must.

Experience the 4K Feelin’

Our friendly staff is always ready to suggest an experience that will send you home with epic vibes only.

Proudly female owned and inspired

Experience retail re-imagined, emerged from the love of the leaf.  

Best price guaranteed

We got you covered. Found the same product in stock at a lower price? We’ll match it!

4K Cannabis Club

Score a monthly box of goodies and the exclusive black card to pocket a slick 10% discount on all regularly priced products.