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A weekend deserving of something special – BY Artisan batch by Indiva – Dunn Cannabis – Island pink screwhead

Island Pink Screwhead is certainly a quad craftcannabis hit! (Quad = Prestigious Cannabis with great looks, scent, taste etc)

Pink Lemonade Gas – So Fresh. Delicious hybrid

THC 19.6% – THC 5.974mg/g – Total THC 196mg/g

CBD 0% – CBD 0mg/g – Total CBD 0mg/g

Comes sealed air tight with a terpene shield by bovida – IT WORKS and STAYS BOUNCY CRISP – 4K Sommelier seal of approval is air tight too!

Spicy nose tingles followed by a creamy finish

This is such a rich green gorgeous looking flower – covered in purple leaves , lots of red cute curly and some light brown hairs (#pistols), all overall perfect trim, covered in sugary trichomes

One of the best lookin’ we’ve seen for a while. Spongy craft batch 3.5 g is worth every dollar $54.95

Dunn has brought you something grown with care #TLC

Terpenes: Caryophellene , Limonene , Myrcene

Island Pink Kush x Screwhead Hybrid – you can feel the sticky waxy trichomes although sticky burns easy and clean. The smoke is dancing – quick and hard hitting w/ no CBD counter-acting the intoxication (physco-active) – smoking (open ups) unveils a strawberry hint a whole lot of #GAS

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