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Carmel Drew’s Dark Helmet 4K Sommelier Review


Immediately understood the love here! This is pure sugar covered trichomes!

At first the smell hits you with strong sharp fuel, followed by sweet soft creamy scents. Very much a dessert craft cannabis strain

Smoke – Noted Cocoa, sugar hints  – very smooth – Carmel really pleases the palette with this delicious flower!

Hard hitting – creeps up slowly. A little goes a long way. The nugs (pieces of flower buds) are so dense. We found one little nug broke up huge.

The look of this flower. Light green, mixed with extremely dark green. Fully covered in brown and reddish brown #pistols. Covered in tiny darker trichomes – give it a squeeze ! It’s springy spongey. Noticed the fingers covered in tiny clear trichomes – dusty sticky sugar crystals.

THC 18.10mg/g – Total THC 176.50mg/g = 17.65% THC

CBD Less than 1mg/g

With low CBD we found Drews Dark Helmet to be a lovely pre-dinner treat! I mean who doesn’t want cake 1st!

Crossbreed: GirlScoutCookies x JawaPie

You can function on this tasty flower and find yourself light hearted, pleased and happy ! We did not even finish a 1g joint. Again a little goes a long way!

MSRP $55 – 3.5g Like everything truly craft buy this while you have a chance. Carmel’s Drews Dark Helmet  may not be available forever. 4ksommelier says its worth it!

Loved the package in the matte orange zip sealed bag. We really loved all the info shared on the bag as well. Fantastic most appreciated, environmentally friendly. Toss in the recycling bin afterwards.

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